Nz-Artists features prominent contemporary New Zealand artists, and will continue to expand to provide an important resource to art-interested people. Grouping the artists here facilitates your search for their art, and saves time otherwise spent visiting numerous gallery websites. The purpose of nz-artists is not to sell New Zealand art, but to promote it by bringing a broader range of images, past and present, to viewers. Links to the artists’ dealer galleries are provided so you can follow up on any artist whose work you enjoy.

While there is never unanimous agreement amongst those in the art world as to the standing of artists, all those featured here are held in high esteem by art buyers, dealers, curators, other artists or critics, and sometimes by all these groups. All are committed art practitioners and are represented in New Zealand (and many, internationally) by respected dealer galleries. All have a solid body of work behind them, and the steady support of public and, often, institutional buyers, and viewers. Many have held fellowships or have been recognised by the establishment as being exceptional in their art practice.

By offering greater breadth of visual history than is available elsewhere, this independent site provides a perfect starting point for those interested in buying art, a reference point for all collectors, and a visual feast for those wanting simply to browse through numerous images of art produced by some of New Zealand’s most prominent artists.

Elizabeth Caughey
Co-author of Contemporary New Zealand Art 1-4
Author of ‘Contemporary New Zealand Art 5
(All published by David Bateman Ltd.)
Collector of contemporary New Zealand art since 1988
Art advisor