Ilya Repin – biography and paintings

Ilya Repin - biography and paintings

  • Year of birth: August 5, 1844
  • Date of death: September 29, 1930
  • Country: Russia
  • Locations of the artist’s works: Russian Museum Tretyakov Gallery


?. ?. Repin was born in the town of Chuguev, located in Kharkov Province, in 1844. At that time, no one could even think that this ordinary boy from a poor family would become a great Russian artist. His mother first noticed his abilities when he helped her, preparing for Easter, to paint eggs. No matter how happy his mother was about this talent, she had no money to develop it. Ilya began to attend classes at the local school, where they studied topography, after the closure of which he entered the iconographer N. Bunakov, in his workshop. Having acquired in the studio the necessary skills in drawing, fifteen-year-old Repin became a frequent participant in the painting of numerous churches in the villages. This went on for four years, after which with a hundred rubles saved up the future artist went to St. Petersburg, where he was going to enter the Academy of Fine Arts. Having failed the entrance exams, he became a student at the preparatory art school at the Society for the Encouragement of Arts. Among his first teachers at the school was Kramskoy, who remained a faithful mentor of Repin for a long time. The next year, Ilya Efimovich was admitted to the Academy, where he began to write academic works, and at the same time a few works of his own volition. Repin graduated from the Academy in 1871, already established in all respects artist. His graduation work, for which he received a gold medal, was a painting called “Resurrection of Jairus’ daughter. This work was recognized as the best for all the time that the Academy of Arts existed. While still a young man, Repin began to pay attention to portraits, wrote in 1869, the portrait of the young VA Shevtsova, who three years later became his wife. But the great artist became widely known in 1871, after painting a group portrait “Slavic Composers. Among the 22 figures depicted in the picture are composers of Russia, Poland and Bohemia. In 1873, during a trip to Paris, the artist was introduced to French impressionist art, which he was not delighted with. Three years later, returning again to Russia, he immediately went to his native Chuguev, and in the fall of 1877 he was already a resident in Moscow. At this time he became acquainted with the Mamontov family, spending time talking with other young talents in their studio. That’s when work on the famous painting “The Cossacks” began, which ended in 1891. The works, which today are quite famous, were painted a lot more, among them numerous portraits of outstanding personalities: the chemist Mendeleev, M.I. Glinka, the daughter of his acquaintance Tretyakov A.P. Botkina and many others. There are also many works depicting Leo Tolstoy. 1887 was a turning point for Ilya Repin. He divorced his wife, accused of bureaucratism, left the ranks of the Association, which was engaged in organizing travelling exhibitions of artists, in addition, significantly deteriorated the health of the artist. From 1894 to 1907 he occupied the post of head of the studio at the Academy of Fine Arts, and in 1901 he received a large order from the government. Attending numerous meetings of the Council, after only a couple of years, he presents the finished canvas “The Council of State”. This work, which has a total area of 35 square meters, was the last of the large works. Repin married for the second time in 1899, choosing a companion N.B.Nordman-Severova, with whom they moved to Kuokkala and lived there for three decades. In 1918 because of war with White Finns he lost an opportunity to visit Russia, but in 1926 he receives the government invitation, which he refused because of poor health. In September 1930, on the 29th, the artist Ilya Repin died.

Repin’s paintings



The Arrest Of A Propagandist

The arrest of a propagandist



Bouquet Of Flowers

Bouquet of flowers

Burlaki On The Volga

Burlaki on the Volga

Reading Girl

Reading Girl

Onegin And Lensky’S Duel

Onegin and Lensky's Duel



Ukrainian Hut

Ukrainian Hut

Job And His Friends

Job and his friends

Ivan The Terrible

Ivan the Terrible

Apples And Leaves

Apples and leaves

What An Expanse Of Space

What an expanse of space

Slavic Composers

Slavic Composers

Portrait Of Andreev

Portrait of Andreev

Portrait Of Leo Tolstoy

Portrait of Leo Tolstoy

Nicholas Of Myra

Nicholas of Myra

A Man Of The Timid.

A man of the timid.

On A Turf Bench.

On a turf bench.

Didn’T Wait

Didn't wait



Autumn Bouquet

Autumn bouquet

Denial Of Confession

Denial of Confession

Man’S Best Friend

Man's best friend



Portrait Of A Mother

Portrait of a mother

Preparing For The Exam

Preparing for the exam

Portrait Of The Protodeacon

Portrait of the Protodeacon

Seeing Off A Rookie

Seeing off a rookie

Portrait Of Mussorgsky

Portrait of Mussorgsky

Zaporizhians Write A Letter To The Turkish Sultan

Zaporizhians write a letter to the Turkish sultan

Actress Pelageya Strepetova

Actress Pelageya Strepetova

Portrait Of Surikov

Portrait of Surikov

Last Supper

Last Supper

Solemn Meeting Of The State Council

Solemn meeting of the State Council

Portrait Of Tretyakov

Portrait of Tretyakov



The Resurrection Of Jairus’ Daughter

The Resurrection of Jairus' Daughter

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