Pat Hanly

PAT HANLY, born 1932, Palmerston North. Died 2004, Auckland.

Graduated Diploma of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts, 1956.
Throughout his long career, Hanly juggled his need to express his response to matters of social conscience with his gift for creating paintings that convey great joyfulness. The resulting works were, variously, political, reflective of ‘the human condition’ or observational, particularly of family and friends. Only four of his series were abstract – New Order (1962), Pacific Icon (1966), Energy (1968-72) and Condition (1976).

Early series, painted in London and Italy, were ‘Fire’ (his response to the threat of nuclear war), ‘Showgirl’, ‘Massacre of the Innocents’ and ‘New Order’. On returning to New Zealand, Hanly was struck by the clarity and harshness of the sun’s light on the land here, and he explored this in ‘Figures in Light’ (1963).

Women are depicted in many of Hanly’s paintings, not just for themselves, but as part of a larger context. They are not individual women, but represent the universal experience of women. Of the 13 series between 1960 and 1994, women have featured in nine – Fire (1959), Showgirl (1962), Figures in Light (1963), Girl Asleep (1970), Torso (1977), Golden Age (1979), Innocence (1983), Bride and Groom (1990-94), and Bouquets (1994).

Hanly retired after the ‘Bouquets’ series of 1994. His paintings are available now only infrequently and are strongly sought after. Above, examples from all Hanly’s series are shown.

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